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R Russell Builders, Inc. is a BBB Accredited Home Builder in Saint Charles, IL
Ron Russell Sr. - Owner
Although Ron Sr. isn't on site any longer, he still has great influence in the structure and big picture goals and decisions for the company. From the ground up, this company has been built on his example of ethics and hard work. Ron's father Leo came over from Germany as a young man. Leo learned all the trades and passed many on to Ron and later on to Ronnie as they worked many years alongside each other. Originally a teacher of industrial arts at the original Wheaton High School, Ron Sr. eventually made the shift into homebuilding full time in '56. In the earlier years each home was entirely built by the Russell's and their staff. Since then, hundreds of homes bear the family name and the pride of ownership that went into them. Behind every great man is a great woman- and Shirley is that and more. She is greatly to be praised for her hard work and patience in supporting Ron's work and their family over these years. After 56 years of marriage, Ron and Shirley have four daughters, one son and twelve grandchildren. Harboring a great love for their Savior, Jesus Christ, Ron and Shirley now devote a large part of themselves to Christian International Ministries. They also enjoy their lifelong and new friends as they spend time between Kansas, Colorado, Illinois and Michigan.

Ron Russell Jr. - Owner
Like Ron Sr., Ronnie has experience in each of the trades. Additionally, he's the General Manager of the company. His job is very diverse as his responsibility is the oversight of pretty much everything going on. Besides business management, home design, placement, land acquisition and development, contractual and government issues as well as specific construction issues are his to deal with. Like everyone in the company, Ronnie is prepared to step in to help anyone in their responsibilities. "Whatever it takes", is a common motto around here for all of us." Ron Jr. values all that he's learned from his father and grandfather before him and tries to implement the best of all those that he's worked with. Kristen is Ronnie's college sweetheart, now wife of 28 years and mother of four daughters. They enjoy skiing, camping and playing on the farm in Kansas with Grandma, Grandpa and family. Two daughters are married to fine men and two are finishing up higher education. Kristen secretively is an artist and Ronnie enjoys being dad and husband more than anything. Ronnie and his family enjoy the fellowship of Christ Community Church in St. Charles. He shares his faith and building skills with others while working on varied mission projects.

Kaey Downey - Bookkeeper
Kaye is the most pleasant person you'll ever meet. Just her voice calms and brings order and peace. What a rare find - she loves people and numbers! Kaye and her husband Tim are parents to three beautiful daughters, a son and a law, and are now grandparents too!

Carlos Calderone - Laborer
Starting in 1988, this man has been critical to our day-to-day successful operation. Carlos is a model employee- always moving, anticipating and tackling the many necessary and diverse jobs, which fall in between subcontractors responsibilities. His heart and his back are the strongest of the bunch. Very few people approach their work with as much enthusiasm and pride. Carlos and his wife Beatrice live in Warrenville where they were blessed with the addition to their family of a daughter Itzel. They attend St. Ignatius Church in West Chicago.

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